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Lyon County School District Public Comment Form


The public is invited to address the Board on items not listed on the agenda. In the event that you are unable to attend the LCSD Board of Trustees meeting, you may submit public comment by 12:00 pm the day of the board meeting.  
Public comments will be forwarded to all LCSD Trustees prior to the board meeting.  Please note that this form is monitored for public comment only. The purpose of public comment is to bring issues, concerns, or praiseworthy items to the attention of the Board. No action may be taken on any subject raised during public comment until the matter has been properly placed on an agenda for a properly noticed meeting pursuant to NRS 241 (Nevada’s Open Meeting Law). 

Your comments must fall under subjects within the Board’s jurisdiction and control. This form is intended for public comment.  If you have any questions, they should be submitted to Although this Board does not restrict comments based on viewpoint, comments will be prohibited if the contents are willfully disruptive, slanderous, amount to personal attacks, or interfere with the rights of others.
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