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Nutrition Services

Our Lyon CSD Nutrition Services is provided by our partnership with Chartwells!

Who is Chartwells?

Chartwells is a food service company that specializes in providing dining services to educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. They focus on creating engaging and nutritious dining experiences for students, faculty, and staff within educational environments. Chartwells offers a variety of dining solutions, including cafeteria meal programs, catering services, and innovative food offerings that align with the specific needs and preferences of the educational community they serve. They often work closely with schools and institutions to promote healthy eating habits and provide balanced, high-quality meals to students.

Interested in joining this amazing team? Visit:

Applicants can find postings for Lyon CSD by searching their zip code. Full-time and part-time opportunities available! 

If you would like to explore the possibility of helping as a lunch aide or duty, please also reach out to your school for more information!

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Federal Income Eligibility Guideline

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Medical Request for Student Meal Modification

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